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About Company

It is our immense pleasure to introduce you with the distinct television channel "YOHO Television HD". It is the 5th HD Satellite Television channel in Nepal operated under "Sayapatri Media Pvt. Ltd. YOHO Television is an infotainment based with the fastest, latest and trusted news coverage as well as fresh and additional varieties of entertainment. Our program are designed targeting every age group with each program delivering in various contexts such as education, refreshment and motivation to viewer's behaviors, thoughts and viewing time.

We are currently running more than 28 programs in different genre, daily and weekly with 14 spot news coverage each day. Our mission is to set diverse trend of watching television and increase number of viewers every day by providing quality content. Not forgetting the excessive demand and trend of new media (Digital Media) we are already on YouTube with 136k subscribers and Facebook with 183k followers with satisfactory number.

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